Story 1

This happened to my Aunt Agatha and Uncle Alex many years ago, when  they were newlyweds. They were quite poor at the time, because they were students, and had to study; and at the same time, they worked, trying to save every cent they could! They were in love with each other, and enjoyed every moment of their family life. One day, Aunt Agatha said to her husband, "My love, I am dreaming of going to New York for the weekend. What do you think of that idea?"

"Well my dear, I would like to get away for the weekend, but everyone says New York is a very dangerous place."

"Nooo ---" Aunt Agatha said. "Please, my dear. I am sure we will be careful, and we will have no problems there."

My Uncle Alex loved his wife very much, and couldn't refuse her anything then, and still can'y now. He withdrew all his savings, and a couple of days later, they were in New York staying at a very good 5 star hotel.

Aunt Agatha has always been a lady filled with curiosity, so she decided to go exploring, and wandered around the hotel. As she waited for the elevator, she noticed a very large man with a big black dog coming towards her. The man was visibly nervous, and walked past her into the elevator as fast as he could. My Aunt got into the elevator with him.

Aunt Agatha was standing with her back to the man and his dog, and Suddenly she felt the dog licking her fingers from behind. She was about ready to burst out laughing, when all of a sudden, in a low severe voice, the man said, "Hey girl, on the floor!"

Aunt Agatha was numb with fear, and was afraid to turn her head back to look.

"On the floor, I said!"  - the man sounded threatening. She quickly got down on the floor. When the elevator stopped at the next floor, she stood up, gave the man all their money, and got out fast!

Aunt Agatha finally found her husband, who was waiting for her next to the front desk. She burst into tears and told him the whole story. "That man was a robber! Perhaps he had a gun . . . .It's really dangerous here!" she cried out. "You were right, my dear! “Now we have no money to pay for the room!" – Uncle Alex said.

"But there is nothing to pay, Mr. Brown," the receptionist said. "A tall young man with a nice dog came to the desk a couple of minutes ago and paid for your room . . . . Oh, wait a minute - he left this for you too."  She gave them an envelope.

They opened it carefully, and took out a letter. They read it together: "Here is your money and I am very sorry you were afraid in the elevator. I just didn't want my dog to touch and frighten you, so I commanded her to lie down.  My dog's name is 'Girl'!"

Story 2


Aunt Agatha had a house-warming party yesterday. She invited all her friends, her husband's friends and colleagues to her house. Among the new colleagues of her husband was a married couple who had never seen Aunt Agatha's gorgeous flower beds before. Their names were Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. They were eager to see my Aunt's flowers. While showing her flowers to the couple, Aunt Agatha was telling them many interesting facts about the rarest kinds in her garden. The couple admired the beauty of the orchids, the roses and other flowers. Finally the wife said to Aunt Agatha, "Your flowers are absolutely outstanding! I am sure it's all because you use a high quality

My Aunt Agatha is a very tactful lady, and even if she felt offended, she said nothing, but just looked at her husband helplessly. Her husband didn't say anything either, but he took Aunt Agatha by the arm and pulled her away. He offered a delicious dessert in the garden to the guests, to distract their attention.

After the dessert, the guests were enjoying themselves, talking and dancing in the yard. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley were photographers, and were showing

their pictures to the guests that they had taken at many photo sessions. Everyone was admiringt the photos, including Aunt Agatha and Uncle Alex. Finally, Uncle Alex spoke up and said, "Your pictures are really wonderful! I'm sure it is because you have a very professional camera!" He gave them a polite smile.